November 12

10:00 - Worship every Sunday (Sanctuary)

Coffee fellowship following worship in Memorial room.


December 3, 4:00 PM 


A must!  Do not miss this!  Perfect way to start the Christmas Holiday and the Birth of Christ


December 24, 7:00 PM





Pastor John Duckworth,

Interim Pastor












those dealing with health issues: Dan Boyd, Ruth Casey, Peggy Andersen, Terry Wagner, Shelbe Barringer, Luanne Bauman, Carrie Madeen Benson, Bonnie Bowler, Fern Bugbee, Bruce Daly, Bennie Fayle, Jack Fowler, Jon Gilbert, Sandy Goodwin, Ed Hackett,  Pat Orr, Dale Relyea, Patty Rennaker, Donna Roth,  Bill Stewart, Inez and L.G. Wilbanks, Wallace Williams,  Evelyn Spoonheim, Wendy Dutton, Margaret Kummerfeldt, Jean Lawrence, Ivan Buhler, Lauren Marantette, Perry Southerland, Davina Harmon, Pat Johns.

those living in care facilities: Ruth Brown, Kathleen Reynolds, Margaret Rhodes, Dove Duus, Virginia Simmons.

those serving in the military: Tim Lane, Daniel Morris, Calvin Vetch-USMC.

others:  all care givers, our nation, world conflicts, the hungry and homeless, the search committee.

If you have a prayer or praise you would like to add to the Prayer Chain, please call Jo Ann Whitlock-3631363, Lynette Donkle-363-1360 or Helen Buker-363-1371




If you have a prayer request that you would like to share with us, please contact us.