November 12

10:00 - Worship every Sunday (Sanctuary)

Coffee fellowship following worship in Memorial room.


December 3, 4:00 PM 


A must!  Do not miss this!  Perfect way to start the Christmas Holiday and the Birth of Christ


December 24, 7:00 PM





Pastor John Duckworth,

Interim Pastor










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There is a time for everything,


and everything on earth has its special season.


There is a time to be born


and a time to die.


There is a time to plant


and a time to pull up plants...


-------Ecclesiastes 3:1f




Of the four seasons I like autumn the best.  Every season has its own beauty: winter with new fallen snow and crystal-clear skies; springtime with everything turning green and new; and summertime with flowers and crops growing and blooming, but I love the fall the best.  There is so much that I like about it: the leaves changing color; the briskness in the air; hunting season; most people are home after summer vacations; and kids are back in school. 




Just as there are seasons in nature there are also seasons in our own lives, too: the tender smile and fresh smell of a newborn baby; the curiosity and enthusiasm of children; the industrious determination of teens and young adults; and the wisdom of those who have lived a full life.  When I turned 35 a friend who was my age said, “You realize that half of our life is over, don’t you, John?”  If that’s true then I’m in the autumn of my life.  Of course my big disappointment is that I’m not as wise as I hoped I’d be by now.  I still need the wisdom of those older Christians who were reading their Bibles when I was in diapers (a few of them are still around). 




There’s one thing that’s different about human beings than nature.  Though they’re in their winter years some older saints can bring portions of their springtime and summer with them.  They still have a tender smile, are still curious and enthusiastic about life, and continue to make a difference.  To those who are the senior saints: bring as much of the good things from your past into your present!  And to those who are younger: look to those elders who can offer wisdom with joy and an enthusiasm for God’s work.




I’ll see ya Sunday!




Pastor John