November 12

10:00 - Worship every Sunday (Sanctuary)

Coffee fellowship following worship in Memorial room.


December 3, 4:00 PM 


A must!  Do not miss this!  Perfect way to start the Christmas Holiday and the Birth of Christ


December 24, 7:00 PM





Pastor John Duckworth,

Interim Pastor










What's up with our weird name?

Our church goes by a lot of names. Depending upon who you ask, we are the "UMAB Church" or the "United
Methodist-American Baptist Church" or the "Federated Church" or even "that church next door to the Commod." 

You may feel free to call us whatever you'd like - just don't call us late for a potluck!

Here's a little bit about how our little church got it's long name.

Once upon a time (1931) in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, as the Great Depression was making life difficult for almost everyone, several of the churches in Hamilton realized that they might have to close their doors due to an inability to meet their financial obligations. At the time, several congregations in Hamilton, including the Presbyterians, the Christian church, the Baptists, and the Methodists began conversations about combining their resources and becoming one church. Eventually the Presbyterian and Christian groups chose to go it alone.
     The Baptists and the Methodists made the decision to go ahead and establish a federation partnership, in hopes that the Christian spirit of love and goodwill would enable them to set an example for other churches to follow. On February 15, 1931, the Articles of Federation were adopted, and the Methodist-Baptist (and later the United Methodist-American Baptist) Church was formed.
     The forward-thinking creativity of those who formed our church is something that we are very proud of, and that continues to inspire us as we face the realities of life as a church in our world today. Their sense of adventure, hope, cooperation, and faith stands out as a model of Christian discipleship that we seek to follow.
     People often want to know how in the world two distinct groups can manage to work and worship together for all these years. The answer is, of course, by God's grace. But also love - love for God who created us, called us, and makes us one; love for serving God's people as much and as well as we can; and love for one another. Whatever joys or difficulties we face, we do so together, united in prayer, in fellowship, in learning, and in love.
Still have questions? Come, check it out for yourself - Sunday mornings at 10:00!